Counterfeit Protection

If you shop on the web, you will likely find Internet retailers selling knock-off and counterfeit Mighty Bright lights.  If you buy a Mighty Bright product through a non-authorized dealer, it may be counterfeit.  Only Mighty Bright delivers the highest quality portable lights.  In each Mighty Bright certified product, you will recognize our stringent adherence to superior standards, our commitment to durable components, and our dedication to finding the most advanced technology.

Why Shop Mighty Bright Direct

When you purchase a counterfeit product you inadvertently support disreputable manufacturers that actively copy Mighty Bright's unique patented designs and entice Mighty Bright customers with cheap and inferior counterfeit products. While imitation is generally considered the highest form of flattery, this is approbation we would prefer to do without. To learn more about counterfeit products worldwide, visit

What to Look For in a Counterfeit Product

Common characteristics of counterfeit Mighty Bright lights include:

  • Lights don’t work when delivered
  • Switches break easily
  • Lens does not spread light evenly
  • LEDs have an undesirable blue hue
  • Weak necks don’t stay in position
  • Neck falls out of base
  • No Mighty Bright logo
  • Product quality is inferior

How to Buy Genuine Mighty Bright Products

To guarantee purchase of genuine Mighty Bright products, shop only at, or an authorized Mighty Bright distributor.

Authentic Mighty Bright Products Guarantee

When you buy an original Mighty Bright product, you also get exclusive access to the Mighty Bright guarantee of service, quality, and support.  Our 100% Mighty Bright Guarantee is only available by purchasing an authentic Mighty Bright product — and it ensures you’ll always be happy with the performance of your Mighty Bright light or we’ll replace it.  Plus, at you can sign up with Mighty Bright online to gain access to seasonal deals, product alerts, specials and you can review and share thoughts on your favorite products with others.