Mighty Bright Stories

Legendary Latin Artist Loves Mighty Bright
Richard Maranon
"Love the Mighty Bright Orchestra Light, it's always the envy of my fellow musicians. They end up buying one as I won't let them borrow mine."
Just when we thought we'd seen it all...
"We're pretty used to seeing some unique uses for our lights. Whether clipped to toilets during power outages or to dogs' collars during power walks, our friends are pretty ingenious. But just when we thought we'd seen it all, we got this submission from a friend using our HammerHead light. Instead of clipping it to a book, he clipped it to his... hair. Whatever works! Try to beat this guy - send us your unique uses!"
Music and Camping LED Lights
Brian McSweeney
"Brian McSweeney here - drum / guitar tech w Third Day.
Just wanted to thank you for the lights you gave me a few weeks ago in Medford.
I went camping directly after the show and brought one of your lights with me… it was so helpful and amazing on a dark camp site and for the tent.
I'll be using it onstage from here on!"
Mighty Bright Saved my Bacon
Chris G
"Just after GearFest 2012, we had terrible straight line storms, which destroyed everything in their path.
The front of our home was smashed, as was our car.  Trees down, power out of the entire city for 5 days.
The next 5 days, the only lights we had were the Mighty Bright lights.  We clipped the Orchestra Light to the chandelier, and used others for the bedroom, even a night light for our baby's room.
The lights did every thing I needed them to do, and it was so handy that I could also carry them from room to room, and need to need.  The batteries lasted us the entire 5 days, with no change of batteries.
Mighty Bright saved my bacon - - my family and I cannot be more thankful to you and Mighty Bright."
Power Outage
"I would like to let you know that the LED flash light from the show last year helped me go through the days during Sandy hurricane. They are small enough to carry but more powerful than the regular big flash light! No power for 10 days! Thank you!"
Storm of the century
Joe T.
"Just wanted you to know that Mighty Bright was a savior in the NJ storm of the century. For 9 straight nights I read with confidence for over 8 hours per night during this Sandy storm. In addition I foiled some looters with the light while patroling our property after midnight. My wife had similar results and she is now taking the light to read her books. She is a prolific reader. Thank you."
Your lights and the Hurricane
Paul M.
"Mighty Bright lights were a savior for our entire team here during Hurricane Sandy. We lost power and heat, but through your lights were able to do a lot of tasks that could not have been otherwise done. We used a combination of all your lights to help us through. After the storm, we took all our old incandescent lights with the accompanying gigantic batteries and threw them all in the garbage. THANK YOU MIGHTY BRIGHT!!!!"
PocketFlex LED Travel Light
Love to take this light everywhere!
"I love my new PocketFlex light. I travel constantly — and this light is the perfect companion! Thanks Mighty Bright!"
Orchestra LED Light
Mighty Bright At Its Best
"I just received my Orchestra Light and could not be more enthusiastic! This is Mighty Bright at its best. It easily illuminates 3-4 sheets of music without the shadow areas other lights create. The two light settings are a bonus, but the lower level is more than bright enough for my aging eyes. I anticipate being the envy of my orchestra during our upcoming concert. "
HammerHead LED Light
The New HammerHead is Perfect
"I absolutely LOVE this light! Your new HammerHead is perfect."