Once you get your hands on one of these trusty Sidekicks you may find it disappearing. It’s not called a Sidekick for nothing – it seems like everyone can find a use they didn’t know they had for it! Stick one in your bag before a long flight, curl up with a good read at home, or give yourself a little help threading that needle. Designed for fans of our popular Recharge light in search of something a little more affordable, this miniature version shares the Recharge’s sleek Silicone design and thin, flexible neck. At $9.99 apiece (and that includes a spare set of batteries!) this light’s a steal – and you may find yourself buying a few. 


• Two energy-efficient LEDs
• 100,000-hour lifetime LEDs –no replacement necessary
• Lumen output: 8
• Battery life: 22 hours
• Constructed of flexible and durable Silicone and ABS plastic
• Flexible neck bends in virtually every direction
• Sturdy clip firmly affixes to pages
• Powered by 2 CR2032 batteries (included)
• Two replacement batteries included
• 6.5" x 1" x 1" (Length x Height x Width)